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                                                                  EVENTS WITH NORM and at Holos Institutes in 2013

Every Thursday, 2:07 to 4:00 PM Central Time, Call in Radio Show, KWTO, www.newstalk560.com/ , 800-375-0056

Every Wednesday, 9:00 to 11 AM Central Time, USA Prepared Radio, Genesis Communications, with Vincent Finelli

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February 8, Energy Medicine, A.R.E, Phoenix, www.EdgarCayce.org 

February 21-23, Medical Intuition, with Caroline Myss, A.R.E., Virginia Beach, www.EdgarCayce.org 

March 22, Energy Medicine, A.R.E., Villages, Florida, www.EdgarCayce.org

April 7-12, Transcutaneous Acupuncture Certification on the New Life Cruise to Enlightment, www.NewLifeCruise.com

May 3, Energy Medicine, A.R.E., Houston, TX, www.EdgarCayce.org 

May 17-21, Clinical Applications of Energy Medicine, Holos Building, Fair Grove, MO, with Certification in Transcutaneous Acupuncture, 855-329-2124, Bobbette@normshealy.net 

May 19-23, PART I, PAST LIVE THERAPY WITH Morris Netherton, Ph.D., Holos Building, Fair Grove, MO  See Syllabus below.   855-329-2124 or Bobbette@normshealy.net

May 23-25, Keynote Speaker, Canadian A.R.E. Fellowship, Kingston, Canada, contact cmac@muskota.com

June 5—launching 30th book, FROM BIRTH TO BLISS—The Power of Conscientious Living

June 5-8, Self-Care Bliss weekend, plus TRANSCUTANEOUS ACUPUNCTURE certification, robynsfacu@hotmail.com 

June 13-15, TRANSCUTANEOUS ACUPUNCTURE, presented at ISSSEEM, Unity Village, MO

June 20-22, Dallas, TX, receiving Lifetime Achievement Award at Panama ACIM, www.acim.com/

August 14-17, Medical Intuition, with Norm and Caroline Myss, Doubletree Hotel, Oak Brook, IL, www.myss.com/

September 22-26, Clinical Applications of Energy with certification in TRANSCUTANEOUS ACUPUNCTURE, Holos Building, Fair Grove, MO, 855-329-2124 or Bobbette@normshealy.net

October 6-10, Part II, CERTIFICATION IN Past Life Therapy, with Morris Netherton, Ph.D., LIMITED TO 7 WHO HAVE COMPLETED PART I,  Holos Building, Fair Grove, MO.  See Syllabus below.  855-329-2124 or Bobbette@normshealy.net

October 27-31, Nemenhah Certification Training, with Chief Cloudpiler, Holos Building, Fair Grove, MO, 855-329-2124 or Bobbette@normshealy.net


 Syllabus for:


Plus CERTIFICATION as a Past Life Therapist!

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


Some time ago I wrote a review of Denys Kelsey’s last book.  Since 1972 I have considered Past Life Therapy (PLT) to be the most effective psychotherapy in the world.  Even a single session can be miraculous.  Personally I have had at least two dozen sessions with 5 different therapists, as well as numerous personal recalls.  I have also done many hundreds of sessions with clients and probably a few thousand in group sessions. 


The Master PLT teacher and practitioner is Morris Netherton, Ph.D.  I have known him almost 3 decades and at least half my personal sessions have been with him.  I have often said he could get the Pope or an Orthodox Rabbi to experience a past life.  Now, whether you consider the experience to be an allegory or an historical event, the results of PLT are superior to any other hour I have seen!


The reason for this note is to mention that Morris is retired from clinical practice BUT he teaches his technique once a year, here at Holos Institutes of Health, Fair Grove, MO.

Syllabus, Part I


If interested contact Bobbette at 417-467-2124 or  email bobbette@normshealy.net 


Part II is September 9-20, 2013


If you complete both parts satisfactorily, Dr. Netherton CERTIFIES you as a PAST LIFE THERAPIST.  If you want to experience the BEST and especially if you wish to be certified by him, call Bobbette at 417-467-2124 or email bobbette@normshealy.net and sign up for his classes.


Instructor Bio

Tuition $850, includes 5 lunches


Download this Syllabus

Tuition $1500, includes 10 lunches                                       

                                                          CLINICAL APPLICATIONS OF ENERGY MEDICINE

                                                                                  C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D


The residential course, held at 5607 S. 222nd Rd, Fair Grove, MO 65648, consists of five days of lectures with experiential learning.  Each day at least two practical energetic techniques for personal or professional application will be emphasized. 



  • Nutrition
  • Psychopharmacology of nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Aromatherapy
  • Electrotherapy for depression, anxiety, and pain
  • Rings therapy for DHEA, calcitonin. Free radicals, neurotensin and aldosterone balance
  • Acupuncture
  • Aroma acupuncture
  • Light, sound and color therapy
  • Biofeedback and self-regulation
  • Past Life Therapy and Energy Psychology
  • Reflexology, kinesiology and body therapies
  • Homeopathy: Traditional and Seuterman



Students will:

  • Identify the energetic applications scientifically validated for each topic
  • Learn the crucial habits for optimal health
  • Apply specific energetic principles in their lives or practice
  • Understand the difference in subjective and objective assessments
  • Identify principles of when to apply electrotherapy
  • Use self-regulation and biofeedback for personal health
  • Identify the major physiological, mental and psychological aspects of nutrition 


Students working in the field of energetic, holistic and spiritual healing need to understand the most commonly applied and clinically successful energetic techniques and appreciate the needs for more research in these fields.


Essential for all INTERESTED IN THE PROVEN Energy Medicine approaches


This course is offered once a year as a five-day intensive residential experience. 


Shealy, C. Norman.  ENERGETIC APPLICATIONS FOR BODY, MIND, SPIRIT-obtained at the residency 

Shealy, C. Norman. 90 DAYS TO SELF-HEALTH, EBOOK, Provided at the Course 

Schedule and register with Bobbette for the class. Call 417-467-2124 or email bobbette@normshealy.net 

Tuition $850, includes workbook and daily lunches.


C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
5607 S. 222nd Road
Fair Grove, MO 65648

Tel.  417-467-2124

Fax.  417-267-7116

E-mail:  bobbette@normshealy.net 
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